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When you have your driver’s license suspended through the courts or by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, you feel stuck. At McCoy Law, we understand that a suspended license due to a DUI, OWI, or any other reason can be a significant burden on your life, from going to the grocery store to driving to work. That is why we offer our experience in petitioning for specialized driving privileges.

What is the specialized driving privileges law?

Beginning in January 2015, the old system of probationary licenses was replaced with the specialized driving privileges law, which allows for drivers with suspended licenses to gain the ability to drive under certain conditions, such as allowing for travel to and from work. It can be applied to suspensions imposed by the court that imposed it, or to suspensions imposed by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This new law allows for greater leeway in getting back on the road. It provides a more effective and beneficial method than the old law, which would have previously prevented many drivers from obtaining probationary licenses.

How can I obtain specialized driving privileges?

To regain access to the road, you must petition the court. If your original suspension was ordered by a judge, the specialized driving privileges must be granted by the same court. Whether the suspension was ordered by a judge or by the Indiana BMV, you must petition to have your suspension put on hold. McCoy Law is extremely knowledgeable in the process of obtaining specialized driving privileges, and we have helped numerous clients get back behind the wheel. To begin the process, contact our office to schedule a consultation with a highly experienced specialized driving privileges attorney in Lafayette, and from there we can initiate a petition to regain your driving privileges as quickly as possible.

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