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Operating while intoxicated can be a serious problem, where one mistake could affect your life for years. If you rely on your driving license for your job, even your career could be at stake. That is why you need an aggressive attorney to defend against the charges of operating while intoxicated. McCoy Law has defended numerous clients against Lafayette OWI/DUI charges, and we are not afraid to challenge every aspect of the case to provide you with the best legal defense. Let us be your advocate and provide you with the help you need. Contact our office for a consultation.

How do you get an OWI/DUI?

In the state of Indiana, you can get an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) in Lafayette if you are operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) that is equal or greater to .08 percent. You can also be charged with an OWI if you are operating a vehicle with any illegal drugs in your system, regardless of whether or not your driving ability was impaired because of these substances. If you or a loved one are facing OWI charges, contact our offices for consultation and OWI/DUI expungement.

Drunk Driving Lawyer – Lafayette, IN

You enjoy going out to celebrate with others, to have a good time at the game, or to rejoice in your team’s big win. But you also try to take responsibility. You don’t get behind the wheel after a night at the bar. Yet suddenly, you could be faced with charges of public intoxication. If this sounds familiar to you or to someone close to you, let McCoy Law help you out. We will defend you with the greatest efficiency and work to see a satisfactory ending—from dismissal of your case to a favorable court ruling. Our law firm understands the challenges faced in responsible drinking, and we want to help you by providing the most effective legal defense. Contact us today and get a qualified DUI lawyer in Lafayette to fight for your side.

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