Drug Possession

Drug Possession in Lafayette, IN

Charges for drug possession are not something to take lightly. These charges will not disappear after a few short years, but instead, stay permanently engrained in your record if changes or legal action is not taken to help you expunge your record from these serious charges. The office of McCoy Law can help.

If you or a loved one are facing drug possession charges, McCoy Law can help. Our firm has experience in drug possession cases and will provide a strong, forceful defense to benefit your side. We will thoroughly investigate all of the evidence involved and provide a legal strategy, whether that means getting the case dismissed prior to trial or vigorously defending you in court. Our legal team is thorough, efficient, and effective; and we can provide you with the best legal support possible.

What are the retributions for possession of illegal drugs?  

The state of Indiana has firm retributions for possession of illegal drugs, and being charged with drug possession can affect your relationships, financial state, and employment for the rest of your life. We offer quality consultation in order to determine what steps you can take towards the expungement of your criminal record in Lafayette.

Contact the office of McCoy Law today to consult with a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer in Lafayette, IN. 

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